With guranteed 2 tray output everyday, of about 10 to 14 Kgs you could supplement this for 2 cattle or 10 small ruminants

100% Automation with Solar powered units, semi automated with non solar units. Latest Lithium Ion Batteries , SMPS & Charge Controllers all in one box for ease of installation

We gurantee the output claims on custom designed Hydrogreens Carpet Fodder™ Trays. Anti fungal design features, Antifungal Coating , Optimal perforation for Root Temperature

Try different types of seeds, crops accoriding to season & region. Talk to our experts to know whats best for you

You know your location best, so help us find a best site to situate this outdoors, protected from rain, wind, pests

Our experts are a call or email away to support you grow more, grow everyday. Our Field experts will physically troublehsoot level 2 tickets in 2 Days